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Default Re: Missing 2014 football season

Originally Posted by rioninusc View Post
The only thing I can think of is possibly keeping your TV service, and log into ESPN 3 if they provide that. The SEC network might have something you can do as well, but it's just starting this year. If you have Satellite, I don't know how this works in other countries, but you might be able to change the location of your satellite dish to SC if you have one in Japan. My bro in law would change his satellite's location to Atlanta Georgia sometimes to get extra channels.

Traveling is my#1 hobby so I would switch with you in a heartbeat if I could.

Forgot about this it's the Hopper from Dish.

This part is called Dish anywhere.

Worse case scenario you can watch it after it records, best case is you could get it live. The funny thing is the games will most likely be live at 1 am for noon games, and 8 am for 7 pm games on a Sunday morning.
Thanks for the info! Unfortunately I do not have satellite or a cable provider that provides ESPN3. I am going to look into Dish now though because if they can hook me up where I can watch the games, that would be enough to persuade me to switch providers.
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