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Default RV Newbie Has Questions

So, 2011 grad here. Me and 10+ alumnus are coming down for the UGA game. We have 2 hotel rooms at the beautiful Country Hearth Inn on Assembly and are renting a Cruise America Large RV ( ) Now, 2 or 4 of us were going to sleep in the RV Friday and saturday night and the others would sleep in the country hearth inn. we were gonna tailgate with the RV on Saturday.

So, questions.

1. Where should we park the RV? Fairgrounds is $200 for the weekend but wasn't sure if there was a better option.
2. Can we shower and use the bathroom on the RV without hookups? It has a generator and bathroom but I don't know the process yet.
3. Anybody in Fairgrounds willing to let us park next to them with a nice tv set up (not everybody is going in the game)?

Any advice would be appreciated.

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