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Default Re: That rattling noise just means he wants to be friends. Spurticus thread.

Originally Posted by Spurticus View Post
They're not recognized "YET" as a protected species by the State, and
there is no "State" law that prohibits them from being killed, HOWEVER,
some local / city laws do protect them. I know that if you get caught
taking one out of the state park in Marion SC, or if you kill one while there
, you could get some REALLY stiff fines and/or Serve Jail time for it.

The State has been petitioned several times in the past few years to
add EDBs to the State's endangered / protected species list, but they
are still (as of now) listed as not endangered or protected.
I don't in any way doubt what you are saying because you seem extremely educated on this subject as well as others. I did however read in the wildlife rules and regulation last summer saying if you kill one in game zone 6( I'm in Bamberg) and are caught you will be fined. I have not seen a eastern rattler in many years. I do see a lot of canebrakes, copperheads, water moccasins, and quite a few other non poisonous snakes on an almost daily basis. We see at least 10 to 15 snakes a day on the Edisto where we have a gettaway. I like the one I see, and not so much the one I don't see.
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