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Default Re: Stat of the Day: Kickoffs

In 2013 we had 5 of 83 OOB (6%) with 43.37% Touchback
in 2012 we had 7 of 77 (9.1%) with 46.75% Touchback
in 2011 we had 1 of 71 (1.4%) with 8.45% Touchback
in 2010 we had 2 of 83 (2.4%) with 10.84% Touchback
Could it be that increasing the power behind the kick to get it out of play just makes it less accurate? I remember a few years back always wondering why we could not kick it deep in the end zone or out of the back of the end zone like other teams, but the last 2 years it seems like we are doing that more regularly now. I can remember opposing teams getting good field position off of kickoffs, but not so much now.
Maybe not such a bad thing to trade off controlling field position.
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