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Originally Posted by chadhot View Post
Fair point. Under Sumlin, A&M lost to Florida (Manziel's first ever game) and LSU. Year two with the worst defense in the universe A&M lost to some great teams as well.

From what I've read, USC's defense seems to be the weak part of the team this year. (Correct me if I'm wrong). Without an explosive offense, it's hard to win that way (also hard to win WITH one as A&M proved last season). A&M's recruiting has some really strong defensive players coming in so that looks to improve.

That said, the A&M/USC game looks to be two unproven defenses vs. two fantastic offensive lines. It should be a great game. Edge to USC @ running back. Edge to A&M at WR (still unproven talent but loads of talent). QB's likely to be a wash.
Great. Except, none of what you say is backed up by news coming out of camp. In fact, its the opposite. Looks like the SC defense is pretty dang good after all. And we sure have no QB competition going on here either.
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