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Arrow The bane of our season

We haven't beaten this team since the 1930's.The record is 1-9-1. 1930 - Lost 7-25, 1931 - Lost 6-13, 1996 - Lost 24-28, 1997 - Lost 6-23, 2005 - Lost 7-48, 2006 - Lost 17-24. Now this team has beaten us usually by a large amount of points, typical all the way until 2010, but 2010 is the year when it started to get upsetting - it took opportunities away from us. Opportunities we were waiting to clinch since we joined the SEC.

September 25, 2010 - 39 seconds left in the 4th quarter, Carolina is forming a comeback against what would be the number 1 team in the country. The score is 27-35 at the opponent 20 yard line. Connor Shaw tosses the ball into the end zone....... Alshon Jeffery catches it!!!!!!! No, the ball is taken out of his hands and intercepted before he touches the ground. It's over.

December 4, 2010, The Gamecocks made history. The first SEC east title. Now they have the chance of a lifetime. It's the SEC championship and South Carolina is pumped. This is history and revenge for a program. The clock ticks off the final seconds. 3....2....1....0. Final - 17-56. Embarrassment and hatred. Something some of us has been waiting for side we were born - Thrown away.

2011. Revenge is on our mind. Cocks ranked #10 and we have a sense of a comeback season. One chance to beat em’ on their down year. At the end of the 3rd quarter we lead 13-9. They catch up by running the football down to the 3-yard line and dropping into the end zone. Ingram attempts the recovery but the RB falls on top of it again. Touchdown. 13-16. Lattimore and the Gamecock offense drive down the field. 8 seconds left at the opponent 42 yard line. Garcia has to make the throw for the first down to get in field goal range. Garcia hikes the ball. Ellington digs in to the center of the field right on the marker. Garcia freezes – he scrambles and dances around 5 seconds on the clock. Nothing. 2 seconds and Garcia lobs it over the middle. By the time Ellington Catches it, the clock hits 0:00. Final – Auburn 16, South Carolina 13.

Auburn has embarrassed us and we have embarrassed ourselves against them. And this year it’s more than likely it can happen again.

Auburn's schedule will be a bit of a roller coaster playing AT Alabama, Ole Miss, and Georgia. They play Texas A&M, LSU, and the Gamecocks at Jordan Hare Stadium. I predict they're going to lose to Bama and Georgia and I don't know how I feel about our game.... which isn't a good sign.

Now Georgia has a very, very easy schedule – the highlights being SC and Auburn. Our game is a rivalry, but Georgia doesn’t have a streak to beat anymore. They don’t have revenge on their mind. I’m not saying Georgia is not going to prepare or anything, but it won’t be such a heartfelt performance by them. We now have revenge against Georgia, who we could’ve won the east off of in 2013. Georgia has revenge on Auburn though, and we all know the play by Nick Marshal in 2013 that ended Gerogia's chance at the east for good. This year Georgia is going to make sure they put up a really tough fight, and they’re at home for Auburn.

Now here’s the possibility. Suppose we beat Georgia. Georgia then has a cakewalk except for Auburn. Now suppose they beat Auburn in a dramatic fashion. Gerogia, like usual, can now feel more in control of the East. 11-1 regular season is entirely possible for Georgia. Now the past 4 years, 3/4 times with a phenomenal team each time, we have lost the east for ourselves by loosing a completely awful trap game. Kentucky in 2010, Auburn in 2011, and Tennessee in 2013. We also lost to LSU in 2012 after being so, so close. That took the SEC east title from us too. We clinched the east in 2010 due to Georgia having a really, really bad year they couldn’t catch up with. What happened 2011-2013 though? SEC East taken away from us by teams we beat. Georgia in 2011. Beat them. Georgia in 2012.We SICKED em’ dawgs. 2013 Mizzou. I’m proud to say we beat them. Now this year we have a worse team we’ve ever had since 2011 due to losses of defensive ends, corners, and quarterbacks. We’re still a powerhouse team this year, but it makes us even more vulnerable to trap games. Now lets say we lose a trap game like normal this year. Now Georgia has one loss and we have 1 loss. It’s time to play Auburn at Jordan-Hare stadium. The team who went to the BCS championship last year and only has a small problem at RB. Powerhouse defense and an unbeatable offense. That spells trouble everywhere.

If we lose, Georgia goes, we stay, and Auburn was the bane of our season once more.

Who has high expectations of winning the east now?

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