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Thumbs up Howdy! - Tailgating question


I will be making the trip to Columbia next week with a couple of buddies of mine and wanted to see what the tailgating etiquette is like in SC. Being that this is my first away SEC game, I want to make sure that it is done right.

(Stating the obvious, we will not be disrespectful to your University, Alumni and fellow tailgaters. We want to have a great time!)

Any suggestions on things to do in regards to pregame?

How soon does pregame start for a 6 pm kickoff?

In my group, we are avid drinkers, do ya'll do any recreational beer pong, flip cup, corn hole... drinking games before the games? If so, would you all accept new challengers perhaps? ;)

We would like to join an SC tailgate with a charitable donation $$$, of course, or coolers of beer. Are there any rules in the tailgating area regarding alcohol on the premises?

If we were to show up with some 8 - 10 cases of beer, would we be frowned upon from crashing a tailgate?

Any information is greatly appreciated and we look forward to visiting you next week.


Ags 35 - SC 31 (unless of course you have the "Wheel Route" in the playbook!)
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