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Thumbs up Re: Kyle Carpenter to lead Gamecocks Cheer

Just saw this.... maybe the Aggie Yell leaders will get to meet a real hero!
Introducing Aggie Yell Leader Roy May or, they might know something about heroes already...

That said Cocks, having Cpl. Carpenter lead your pre-game cheers is definitely something we Aggies refer to as good bull.

Been lurking here for a few weeks. If the old saying that familiarity breeds contempt is to be believed, you would think our schools had been playing each other for years based on some of the banter on the boards. I speak for most of the Ags I know when I say that we were excited to get USC as our permanent cross-division rival (actually, most of the Aggies I know preferred two rotating East division opponents but that is another story). I don't pay too much attention to internet tough guys and agitators and unfortunately like all fan bases we seem to have our fair share; hopefully you can take the crazies with a grain of salt. I know quite a few folks traveling to the game and they are looking forward to getting to know more about your team and your school. Aggies pride ourselves on our friendliness and many of us look forward to treating those of you who travel to College Station next year with first class hospitality.

I can't provide any game analysis that hasn't already been discussed at length. This game seems like strength on weakness for both teams. I believe the Ags have more than enough talent to hang with the Cocks but in the end, SC's edge in experience, intangibles including Williams-Brice, and the load that is Mike Davis will be a little more than the extremely talented but very young Aggie D can handle. The Aggie O will be more than adequate, but it is a lot to ask of a QB to go into a hostile road environment and win his first game as a starter. I think the Ags can win this one if all of the bounces go our way, but my head says the Gamecocks separate in the 4th Quarter and hold the line for about a touchdown victory. I think we will give you all you can handle next year at Kyle though!

Here's to a hard fought, injury free game. I look forward to buying a few beers for some Cock fans at the Dixie Chicken next year. Gig'em!

P.S.: I have to admit that I don't completely understand the uproar over the yell practice location, but to even things out, if you want hold a pep rally at our state capitol next year, get roaring drunk, and go ape **** all over the adjacent college campus by all means have at it.
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