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Default Re: Man of my word (no troll)

I really don't think yall should be beating up on your defense as much as you should. Granted they gave up a lot of points. Its a type of offense you just dont see very often over in the East. Very high tempo with very tall and athletic guys all over the field.. Also, our offensive line is really good. Yall got some pressure at times, Kenny was just on his game.

Basically, I think yall are better than yall played tonight. Going into this game 90% of your fan base wasn't aware of the Aggie offense. Seems like everyone was writting us off because JOhnny was gone.

Truth me told. Coach Sumlin has always had a prolific offense and Kenny Hill was a very coveted QB coming out of HS. Some of those WR's yall saw tonight were top WR's in their home state coming outta HS. Lots of mismatches due to size etc.

I would bet money yall will still compete for the East
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