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Default Not a talent issue

I have been routing for my Gamecocks for over 30 years and I can tell you right out this is not a talent gap. We did not lose this game because we have no talent. We lost because of bad defensive coaching. I frankly do not think the athletes at A&M are no better than ours (Minus O line) but when you give 10 yard cushions on five yard passes you will lose all day long. In the past we have had better dlines and we could get away with this, but where we are today that is not an option. I saw very little bump and run which is the only d that works against the quick pass. Count how many passes the ags had against us that where thrown for more than 10 yrds (in air). It will surprise you. Top that off with poor tackling and you get the outcome we got. Bad tackling = poor coaching. I suspect A&M will look very good until the last 2 to 3 games where they will be exposed, just as we were tonight. While our offense was not stellar (We never are the first game) we still racked up a lot of yards against a defense that I predict will be mediocre when they play Alabama and LSU. This is going to be a rebuild and re-coach year for us, and I highly doubt A&M or we wind up in Atlanta. There QB is good, but frankly anyone could have throw 5 yrd passes on us tonight. We shall see how this plays out.
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