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Default Re: My Observations About USC Football and Campus

Look this is just a guess on my part, but I imagine we will have very few people going to College Station next year.

For one thing, there just aren't that many people here that make enough money to decide to drop a couple k on plane tickets, hotel, and other expenses to go to that game on a whim.

The ones that do are usually geriatric, and unless they decide to load up the Winnebago and road trip, we aren't going to have many overland drivers.

Students? They also in general don't have the same amount of discretionary cash A&M students no doubt get from their parents in Dallas or Houston. So they aren't flying.

A road trip to College Station? What is that, like a 20+ hour drive? To go to College Station? I'm sure one or two will do it, but it isn't going to be like going to Knoxville, Gainesville, or Athens.

So we'll have low attendance there. Additionally...

I was stoked to see A&M join the conference for TV markets, and for the teams that recruit Texas to have games there. But let's face it, I have probably paid less attention to your program than you have ours over the years. Our mediocrity was at least epic and we had a compelling story. Still do actually.

So long and short, I wish there was some way to drop you guys for LSU. A great program, with great recruiting grounds. A tough, incredibly difficult game to win every year.

But you know? It's freaking close to New Orleans. That is all the reason in the world to cut class for a couple days either side of the weekend and party your gongs off. It is a good reason to reach into the bank and shell out cash for those plane tickets.

College Station? Not so much.

And let's face it. I am conditioned to think of LSU as a big game, an awesome opponent to play.

A&M? Just not stoked or it. To be honest I could care less about playing that other team in your state as well. Distance does make a difference, the whole thing is just meh to me. I didn't follow you guys when you had Manziel, other than watch the Bama and LSU games. So why would I change now?

Hopefully one fine day these fixed opponents will go away, and we go to your site only every 5 years or something.

Be honest. Are you any more into this rivalry than I am? You are a fan of your school, as I am of mine. Only from my perspective you are more of a yoke, than a fun game every year. A team with great recruiting grounds that is going to be tough to beat, yet another SEC team we start out behind talentwise before we hit the field (as if we needed another one). I guess we look more attractive as an opponent to you though, than playing Florida or Georgia.

And if we do win, so what? It's not like it will be as enjoyable as beating Georgia or Florida, or as epic as somehow beating Bama, Auburn, or LSU. It'll be more like, "Whew, well that POS is over for another year. At least they come to us next year."
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