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Default Re: My Observations About USC Football and Campus

Originally Posted by Ballpoint Man View Post
You are absolutely delusional. Seriously. You think that the midnight yell is supposed to be sacrosanct? It's obnoxious to do. I don't mind you having your traditions, but when your tradition is specifically designed to crap over the university and/or state, do you seriously expect people to be passive about it?

It's clear you don't really have a firm grasp on reality.

Your team won. Congrats. Now, you and your fan base are being 100% as classless as any of our fans. I'm sorry your team was disrespected, but at least some of us have the sportsmanship to admit it. You're just disguising your lack of sportsmanship in a critique of ours. It's ironic and a bit naive.

I recommend you excuse yourself from further opinions on the class and character of our university until your university demonstrates a modicum of the same.
We had been going to the capitol in Austin for 50+ yrs doing the same thing. Did I choose the location in Columbia? No. I agree that they probably could have picked a better spot. I said that in the first thread about "let's disrupt midnight yell".

But don't use that as some justification to return a favor and yell **** you or suck my cock to my wife and I while walking around on campus. I realize *YOU* didn't say that, but the classless students sure as hell did.
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