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Default Re: What's your take on our assistant coaches?

Originally Posted by Legalman72 View Post

Mangus- I like him. I think he does a good job and he's a good recruiter. Safe, IMO.

Spurrier Jr- good coach and recruiter. Wish he'd have done a better job with the non qualifiers but, despite his last name, he's safe for me.

Sands- my jury is out on him. Seems to do a decent job. He needs to push Davis to a monster year.

Elliott- I like him but I'm beginning to cock my eye at him. Shaw bailed that line out so many times last year. Of all the individual units, I was most disappointed in the offensive line on Thursday. They played soft and better man up. He's safe but needs to produce ASAP.

Whammy Ward- He's safe but, as Ellis' players filter out, he won't be safe if his defense is bad two years straight. Next year will be his prove it year, IMO.

Deke Adams- IMO, he better improve this bunch or he should be gone in December. I've not seen much from him in the way of coaching and development.

Botkin- Same as Deke, IMO. I know we have talent at LB but I've not been blown away by their play.

Grady Brown- I think he gets a mulligan this year if the young'uns show some improvement. I think Brown has done a good job.

Joe Robinson- Seems like a nice guy but I thought he should have been let go last year. He can't get guys to block and tackle on STs. And I don't care what he did at LSU.
Mangus...I agree, he's done a good job. His recruiting theory of focusing on one QB at a time may have hurt us in the past, but he's bringing in guys that (on paper) look good. As for actual results of that recruiting, Nosovitch has struggled, McEvoy (who had tons of athletic talent) left, and Mitch is trying to outplay a walk-on. Scarnecchia by all accounts is learning fast.

Jr....As a coach, we've had a LOT of guys not pan out at WR, for whatever reason. And it seemingly takes us longer to have young guys ready to play than other programs, it takes some guys 2 or 3 years to get up to speed. Some say it's the complexity of the offense, but the sheer number of WR's we've signed over the years that didn't do well make you wonder if we're recruiting the wrong guys or we just can't coach them.

Sands...I can't give an opinion on him. He's young, which is a benefit. Some people think he has an abrasive personality with recruits, which is possible. Of course, it's also possible that the recruits in question were divas that wanted to be catered to. He seems to have done a good job with the RB's he's coached, so to me he gets a mulligan.

Elliott....he basically had to rebuild an OL from scratch. It's relatively easy to bring in an impact WR, QB, RB, etc, and have them contribute at a high level immediately. Building an OL from scratch takes years. Literally. There are a lot of impact WR's, RB's etc. out there, but impact OL are tough to find, then when you find them they've already been offered by the Bama's, LSU's, etc. of the football world. And when you think you're finally building depth a couple of injuries knock all of your progress out. Look at the shuffle we're going through just with Matulis's injury.

Whammy...solid recruiter, we've pulled a lot of talent from the Atlanta area because of him. In past games he's shown an ability to regroup and make changes at halftime. For whatever reason that didn't happen in the TAMU game. And honestly none of us know if he did, and the players were just to overwhelmed to adapt. I think some critical film review and some live fullspeed hitting will get our mojo back. I'd hate to be a walk-on right now, I think they're going to be used as tackling dummies for the next few days.

Deke...people don't like him because he's not Lawing. Maybe that's a good thing he's not like Brad. We lost Dunlap because of Lawing, got in trouble because of Lawing, and basically performed a recruiter short because of Lawing. And the BL fans forget the teams that ran all over his DLines. Deke is doing a good job recruiting, and reportedly is doing a good job coaching. Kelcey credited Deke last year for getting him to step it up.

Botkin...another guy people hated, for whatever reason. The LB's got better last year as the season progressed, and he's doing a solid job recruiting. Now true, our LB's looked shaky Thursday night, but after a couple of days hopefully spent drilling our walk-ons in fullspeed drills they should get their timing down.

Grady...done ok. We've had some DB's hurt, and having Green/Lammons delay enrollment until the last second didn't help. Would be nice to get some bigger DB's that can move, I'm afraid Harris Jr will be snapped in two trying to tackle someone.

JRob...I have no idea how difficult it is to recruit kickers who can kick or punters who can punt. For some reason everyone else seems to find people who can do it, and for some reason about 10% of our 85 man roster seems to be an amalgamation of kickers/punters/FG specialists. At least Fish makes a great holder on FG's.

Was going to leave the HBC out, but decided to toss him back in. He isn't going to change, his penchant for not "preparing hard" and not recruiting hard is well known. It is what it get impressed when Urban, Saban, or Jimbo go out of their way to come to their HS games, while some recruits can't even meet HBC on unofficial visits because he isn't around. And he has that maddening trend of quitting what's working and reverting to that damn chuck and duck offense trying to relive the 90's. It's not as bad as his first few years here, but it seems to now cost us a game or two every year.

We need to leave the staff alone, we finally have a bit of continuity. These guys will right the ship...
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