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Default Re: Don't tell me we don't have a right to be upset

Originally Posted by 18IsTheMan View Post
It's hard not to react the way fans have when your team is considered a contender for the SECCG and the national title and when you have a supposed Heisman candidate then it all comes crashing down, in humiliating fashion on national tv. And it's not just that we got beat by a better team. They made our team look stupid. They made our coaches look stupid. On defense especially, it didn't look like they had been coached at all. Not even tackling.

We, as the fans, have a right to be upset. WE fund this whole thing. Fans buy the tickets. Fans pay for the seat licenses. Fans buy the concessions. Fans buy the team apparel. Fans donate to the Gamecock Club. Without the fans, this whole thing goes away. No fancy weight room. No practice facilities. None of it.

When WE invest our hard-earned money in the program we have every right to demand and expect a good product. The schools are the ones that have made college football a business and treat the fans like nothing but consumers.

So you're darn right we as the consumers of this product have every single doggone right to be upset when our investment goes unrewarded. Is it fine to lose. Sure, all teams do. Is it fine to look totally uncoached and unprepared? Absolutely not.
I second this emotion.
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