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Default Re: Past SEC Champions who had a BAD loss...

Look at 2010 is a perfect example. We beat Alabama one week and the next we blow a 21 pt lead at Kentucky the next week. Then we get our butts kicked at home against Ark and the very next week we kicked Florida's behind in the Swamp. My point being is College Football is unpredictable and maybe a loss like this wakes us up. I mean we have had top 15 and top recruiting classes year in and year out and every year we will have strengths and weaknesses just like everybody else. My point is I am old enough to remember the Brad Scott era and the 0-11/1-21 days. This team is not horrible just young on the defensive side. We can't just give up on the team after week 1 just cause it went sour. Even Texas and Southern Cal go through dry spells so how bout we let the season play out instead of bashing guys after just 1 game like the season is already over. I trust the coaching staff and players take it personally and are embarrassed what happened the other night just like it hurt us to watch as fans. My point is no matter how bad we get I hope we still support the team. Too many people need to step off the ledge just bc of 1 game. It happens to the best so how bout let's forget about last Thurs and beat ECU and let the season play out before we talk about how this is going to be a sorry season!! #Gamecock4life
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