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Default Re: Cack's Toast of the Game: Texas A&M

Spurrier gave Thompson and Jones game balls and called them the Players of the Game. Maybe you didn't see the hits Thompson was taking. He was hit hard several times. There has to be better pass protection to improve his decision making and passing. I would imagine it's hard to look spectacular when you're running for your life. He had 366 yards, 4 TDs, and 1 interception. Had the defense played, those are winning numbers. Had the O line blocked for the running game, Thompson wouldn't have had to pass all the time. To put it in perspective, Thompson put up the fourth highest offensive numbers in the SEC last week. He threw enough yards in that game to tie USC's 9th all time historical record.

Jones dropped a TD pass that would have given us more momentum. Jones himself said the drop was his fault. I agree that Jones did well, and I thought Brandon Wilds looked good when he had the chance.

Several passes were a little high but went right through the receivers' hands. It's SEC ball. They should have had those passes.

It's a little early to throw Thompson under the bus when he actually kept us alive. Some of you are OK with Jones dropping a TD pass, but want to crucify Thompson for his mistakes (and he did make some). We've won plenty of games with uglier offense than was played Thursday night. We did that because our defense was spectacular. The QB hasn't had to carry the whole load for the past three years.

Our players did not attack each other. I don't know what you thought you saw, and I'm sure there was some frustration, but nobody called anyone else out. Thompson, particularly, would not have done that to a teammate. Watch his interview after the game. He didn't blame anyone but himself.

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