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Default Re: 3-4 "D" Keep it or Not

Originally Posted by sunbeam View Post
Geez, another problem is going to rear it's head in the Georgia game. My suspicion is we are going to be very susceptible to the run this year.

It is kind of an impression of mine, but usually when you see that many missed tackles it is something that takes a lot of the season to work out, if it does get fixed that season.

And before you blame coaching, well you can easily find things to blame, but it is very hard I think to project the kind of tackler a guy will be in college. Sometimes it is like a teabag.

But we are going to face some running teams, and I'm not so sure the 3-4 isn't the best formation we could throw up. Best of a bad deal. I guess it depends on whether you think the lb's or dl has more upside. I'd say the lb's, so I say 3-4. But they have no business not playing the bigger guys on dl if they do. English and Harris aren't going to do much of anything playing de on running downs in a 3-4.

And guys they don't seem to play much like Dukes and Green need to get shots to see exactly what they can do in a game. I am kind of fed up with this base absolutely everything on practice. Most of the time it works, but some guys are just game players and not practice stars. Put them in, see what they can do, and if they don't produce you haven't lost anything. It is getting awful late in their careers to see what they can do, and they have the size to play in a 3 man, at least at de.
Good point. If we don't stop the bleeding between now and Georgia, we are in for one long game.

I feel like we should scrap the 3 and go back to the 4 - if nothing else, play both packages.
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