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Default Re: 3-4 "D" Keep it or Not

Originally Posted by Toneski View Post
Seems like every time I tried to figure out what defense we were in I counted 3 guys with their hands on the ground and then at each end was a guy standing up at the LOS. We had 5 guys at the LOS.

What would you call that defense? Surely we weren't trying to stop the run every time I counted.....we were getting torched through the air. Were those two LB's at the LOS faking a blitz, or maybe one intended to blitz?
Thats what the 3-4 is. 3 down linemen, and two outside edge rushers that are linebackers. Sometimes an OLB will back off into coverage, or he will rush. Thats how a 3-4 works. It eliminates a D-lineman and replaces him with a linebacker.
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