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Originally Posted by trapper82 View Post

The story has always been that Morris promised his daughter she would graduate from the same high school she started at. If he turns down Vandy, he is at clemmers another year. This is the last BCS job on the market pretty much, and he would be inheriting a team that went to a bowl game in the best conference in the country. He also has enough cover for losses due to Vanderbilt having pretty high admission standards.

I know what you guys say about him not beating us, but I want the guy gone. He has helped clemmers win games they always lost before. I want Dabo to be left holding the bag rebuilding the offense so people can see how inept of a football coach he really is

What has helped Clemson win games that they'd lost before is the talent they
signed out of HS in 2008 and 2009. NOT CHAD MORRIS !!
We've gone into the Clemson game the last three years with the IDENTICAL
gameplan ..... IDENTICAL, and Clemson and their high priced coaching staff
have yet to figure out what they're doing isn't working.

On offense, we KNOW they are going balls to the wall to stop our major
weapon, and Spurrier just dangles it out there in front of them and takes
what the tigers leave open trying to stop our one major weapon. When they
sold out to stop Lattimore in 2010, Spurrier gave him the ball just enough
to keep their 8 man front up in the box, and then Garcia and Alshon had
a field day because they had one man on AJeff the entire night.

The following season, They were hell bent on Stopping AJeff, and Spurrier
kept throwing to him just enough to keep them in that two deep safety,
rolling toward AJeff when he went more than 10 yards down the field, and
also dropped back the LB on that side. Spurrier had either Shaw running
wide open on QB draws to the opposite side of the field, or just dumped it
off to our TEs and RBs on that side as well.... Also left tons of room for
Miles to run underneath the coverage.

This past season, they stacked the box again to stop Davis, and Shaw had
the opening when the sold out to shut him down on the Read Option, and
they doubled up on Bruce Ellington so Shaq Roland was left one on one
deep....Yep, we took advantage of it.

Chad Morris is an Overpaid, Overrated OC who only looked good against
the majority of weak opponents he faces in the ACC, and against the 2-3
good opponents he faces each year, he shows his true colors.
There's a reason Morris isn't sitting by his phone saying no thanks to the
10-20 teams with coaching vacancies every year turning them down to stay
at Clemson. He's had one or two "interviews" simply because those teams
needed to interview a couple more besides the man they were intending to
hire anyway.

Morris will not go to Vandy (IMO), because IMO, Vandy will go after a better
prospect. Morris will not be able to get the kind of talent to make himself
look like an Offensive genius, nor will he playing in a conference loaded with
unranked teams like he did at Clemson.
Morris is waiting for Dabo to leave, and he wants the Head Coaching job
at Clemson.
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