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Thread: Official Coaching Search Thread (all discussion here)

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    Default Re: Official Coaching Search Thread (all discussion here)

    Can we have a coaching search vent thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by cockyjordan View Post
    Yeah but look at Dabo no one thought he could do it either! Blah blah blah BS BS BS!!

    The sound of me throwing my Bud Light against the wall while tears roll down my face..,,,
    You're close, but not quite right. The point is plenty of people (fans) laughed at CU for hiring Clemson because "we" were convinced it was a terrible hire. Not surprisingly, the fans didn't know as much as we thought we did.

    Personally, I'm choosing to believe Muschamp got his start at a program that was too big for him. He's a grinder but UF isn't. Ever since SPurrier turned UF's program around, they have been considered one of the elite programs and haven't, really, had to try to hard as hard as many other schools to find success. If ever there were a program in a major conference that could be described as a grinder, it's ours.

    This could end in disaster, but it could also end very well for us. Why not suck it up and try to be positive since Muschamp is the coach? There's no use in crying over it now.

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