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Thread: NCAA Football 14 PS3 Help

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    Default NCAA Football 14 PS3 Help

    Hey everyone, I just bought a new PS3 because I missed playing college football and my old console crapped out about 2 years ago. Do you guys know of anyway to get the 9 uniform packs that are no longer available to download and what is the best way to get a 2013 season roster? Thanks in advance, I'd really appreciate any help!

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    Default Re: NCAA Football 14 PS3 Help

    The best place to look would be on OperationSports. Go here and check out the NCAA Football Rosters Thread.

    I'm not sure about the uniforms but asking someone on Operation Sports would be your best bet to find out something.
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    Default Re: NCAA Football 14 PS3 Help

    The uniform shop was shut down for a while but i was able to finally download them at the end of last year. Maybe they are down again idk but operaation sports forum is where you should go for all updates for rosters etc and news for ncaa 14

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