Wiser, you have to take into account the players that Frank recruited and were on the roster, but did not play or were limited last year. With a reasonably healthy team, we make the NCAA easily (IMO). Even with the injuries, we still had a shot at the NCAAs until late in the year when Lawson went down. And that does not take into account one of our best recruits, Couisnard, being held out due to the Clearing House.

And as far as making the NCAA tournament, I still contend that we deserved a bid the year before the Final Four, and would have made the NCAA again in the year after the Final Four if one of three PGs was available - if Dozier stuck around, Rah had not melted down, or if Kory Holden had not gotten hurt (twice), which resulted in him going on a "seefood" diet.

I am pumped about the talent that we have coming in AND coming back (DNP last year) - Cousinard, Moss, Bolden. IMO (again) - this is the most talented and deepest team that Frank has had. And we know he can coach, so we just need to sit back, enjoy, and watch it all develop. Success will bring in the in-state kids. Should be fun.