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Thread: Mumps outbreak at Carolina/Clemson game

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    Default Re: Mumps outbreak at Carolina/Clemson game

    If they’d stop sticking it to cows up there.

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    Default Re: Mumps outbreak at Carolina/Clemson game

    Thankfully no Mumps for the kids I know being tested. WHEW!!!!!!
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    Default Re: Mumps outbreak at Carolina/Clemson game

    I am actually really glad to hear this was not as bad as it seemed at first. Mumps ain't nothin to F with.

    My cousin had this. His face and throat swelled up to about the size of his head - but only on one side of his face. He literally looked like he had swallowed a watermelon and it was lodged in his throat. He also had like 100+ fever for roughly a week. Then his pulse dropped and he had an irregular heartbeat and it appeared he was going to get an infection or something. He was in and out of the hospital repeatedly when he had this.

    He could barely chew food and he said the pain was incredible. I would never wish that crap even on a Clemson fan.

    All kidding aside but we should not wish diseases on Clemson fans, because you know what they say about karma. One of us could snicker and laugh and then all of a sudden your dong falls off.

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    Default Re: Mumps outbreak at Carolina/Clemson game

    Vaccinate yourselves and your kids.

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