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Thread: *** USC MBB (10-9, 5-1) vs. Tennessee (18-1, 6-0) ***

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    Default Re: *** USC MBB (10-9, 5-1) vs. Tennessee (18-1, 6-0) ***

    Quote Originally Posted by AndersonCock View Post
    What makes you think anyone else can?? Horn failed, Odom failed, Fogler failed nobody wants to play Basketball for South Carolina. Keep Martin imo

    With few exceptions, every program cycles through coaches. What are we holding onto at this point?

    I remember some pretty good years under Fogler. Can’t argue with the other guys obviously.

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    Default Re: *** USC MBB (10-9, 5-1) vs. Tennessee (18-1, 6-0) ***

    I know there were sloppy moments and mistakes made in the game, but we're an unranked playing #1 so I'm not entirely sure what all the negativity is about. Regardless of our issues, we were competitive throughout most of the game. To me, that's encouraging. If we limit the errors and bad decisions, we've demonstrated we can compete with and potentially beat anyone. A little more consistency and we can be a really good team. Sure, it would have been great to win, but Tennessee can be a #1 seed this year and we're hoping to work onto the bubble. Not much comparison between the two and yet, it was a good game. I don't know that I'm ready to say the future is bright - the effort and execution change but the story stays the same - but I'm not discouraged by tonight. Barring a victory, the strong showing was the best possible outcome.

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    Default Re: *** USC MBB (10-9, 5-1) vs. Tennessee (18-1, 6-0) ***

    Quote Originally Posted by 21-in-Right View Post
    Let’s look at the big picture...

    We go on a 4 game win streak, and Frank is a great coach again. Even I was buying it. But back to reality. After a Final Four appearance, we should be competitive with a Tennessee on our home floor. But instead there’s no comparison.

    We all waste our energy trying to find the bright spots in this team. But we’re pretty far from being a contender for much of anything. And there’s no reason why we can’t recruit like Tennessee. It’s not like they’re a basketball school and we’re not.

    We need a change.
    I'm going to have to disagree pretty strongly with your sentiment that Tennessee is not a basketball school. Granted, they're BEST known for their women's basketball program and their football programs historically, but that is because they have had some legendary coaches in Pat Summitt (women's hoops) and Neyland, Majors, and Fulmer in football.

    You DO realize that Tennessee has been to the NCAA tournament 10 times since 2000, right? Four of those trips were to the sweet 16, and one to the elite 8. And they've managed to do so without a bunch of NBA-caliber players. The player since 2000 with the most accolades in college was Chris Lofton, and he never reached the NBA. (They have had 6 players drafted since 2000).

    Oh, and let's not forget that my least favorite coach in the universe had a MOST successful stint in Knoxville - Bruce Pearl.

    So to say that Tennessee is not a basketball school is simply not true, especially when compared to the South Carolina program. We've made trips to the NCAA exactly 4 times since 1989 prior to the Martin visit, and NEVER made it past the round of 64. (Not that I want to rehash THAT piece of historical information).

    But that last bit of info is exactly why it is so very difficult to recruit at South Carolina in basketball... we have ZERO history as a program, and we change coaches at the drop of a hat, as fans are not happy with losing seasons in any of our conference affiliations. When we do have a successful coach, everyone gets upset when we lose non-conference games (a few of which were bad losses, grant you), but we have a WINNING record in SEC play. I seriously doubt we'll get blanked the rest of the way in SEC play this year. In fact, I can honestly see us going as well as 7-4 the rest of the season (which would put us at a conference record of 12-6 overall, tying our best SEC record under Frank Martin, if I'm not mistaken).

    Frank Martin has strung together the best few years of South Carolina basketball since Eddie Fogler, and perhaps has the most competitive teams since Frank McGuire. We've knocked off Miss. St. and Auburn this year, yet some are calling for Coach Martin's head because we can't put together back to back NCAA tournaments. It may not be popular to say it, but I just cannot figure out WHY that is the case.

    If you watched the game tonight and think that Frank Martin's coaching was at fault for the loss... well, I guess we will just have to agree to disagree on what happened. The defense may have disappointed, but it was not for lack of coaching. The offense may have disappointed, but it was CERTAINLY not for putting players into the right places to score.

    I've said enough... I guess I'm simply in the minority when it comes to believing in this year's Gamecocks' team, and especially in believing in Frank Martin as a head coach. I am disappointed in the loss tonight, but I never really expected us to play as well as we did for more than a half of basketball. I thought this game would look worse than we did at LSU overall.
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    Default Re: *** USC MBB (10-9, 5-1) vs. Tennessee (18-1, 6-0) ***

    I'm not too discouraged. We're rebuilding because we have had some set backs but we are still better off then when Frank got here. Our players consistently get better with Martin as the coach. He'll find the players he needs to succeed again.

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    Default Re: *** USC MBB (10-9, 5-1) vs. Tennessee (18-1, 6-0) ***

    My disappointment in tonight's game has nothing to do with Frank. I honestly thought we would get blown out from the get go, but my disappointment is the fact that we were in the game for 30 minutes and blew it with poor play on our part. Our poor defense and missed free throws really cost us the game. We got out hustled and rebounded by factors we could of controlled.
    On a side note the crowd was amazing. See when you provide a quality product on the floor then fans will show up for a top 5 matchup.

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    Default Re: *** USC MBB (10-9, 5-1) vs. Tennessee (18-1, 6-0) ***

    We lost to a team with experienced players that are much better than our inexperienced freshmen. Hopefully they’ll learn from it and get better.

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