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Thread: UNCheat in Charlotte

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    Default UNCheat in Charlotte

    Well tomorrow is our annual go to Charlotte and be served up as the sacrificial lamb for Easter to the tarholes. Ole Kingston still loves his alma mater the ultimate cheating school. And Tanner loves to go to Charlotte and be honored for scheduling this series year after year so the tarhole alumni can rub another victory in the gamecocks. The college entrance scandal should include UNCheat. They have been accepting donations from alumni for years to get their kids in. Itís a pay to enter college.

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    Default Re: UNCheat in Charlotte

    This post has some serious salt in it. I understand why, but its not Kingstons fault.

    Now everything you said, ill agree when it comes to Holbrook, that man had no issues getting the crap beat out of him by UNC. Him being in Charleston is still too damn close to here for my tastes.

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    Games are scheduled by the baseball coach not the AD, excluding the SEC schedule which comes from the SEC.

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