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Thread: Felipe Hasse Transferring

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spur20001 View Post
    In addition to making our only Final Four and doing well in the SEC over the past few years (yes, he definitly gets a pass for his 1st three years and for very good reason) he has tied and set the school record for most wins in a season. This past season we would have been going to the playoffs if not for having so few players as we averaged having only 7 or 8 healthy bodies per game. Don't forget how much this also hurt us in practice.
    Injuries were also largely responsible for our slow start - which was why we missed the tournament. Moss, Campbell, Silva, and Frink missed most (or all) of the preseason.

    Just with the law of averages, we should not have as many injuries next year. And we will have more depth/talent to fill in next year, even if the injuries hit again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by doublea1971 View Post
    Here's how I describe him that way. I read what others actually say, rather than solely basing things on my own opinion. If one actually takes the time to read what the people in this article, which includes teammates, say about him I would think most would agree that he brings more to the table than most think.

    Particularly telling are these statements late in the article...

    1.) "Veteran leadership doesn't grow on trees and after a mass exodus of talent to the NBA Draft, it's an element North Carolina will sorely miss next season. He missed 17 games as a sophomore with a foot injury and missed time in November of his junior campaign after suffering a concussion. Perhaps a new start elsewhere will be just what Woods needs."
    2.) "Woods was an important asset to the Heels this season, providing reliable minutes off the bench. Seventh has been playing well,” Williams said in November. “He's been playing better defense. His assist-to-error ratio has been great. (Against Saint Francis) Coby made two or three good plays, I took him out, put in Seventh and he had a five-minute stretch that was just sensational. So, we would've liked to have had him in there for every phase of the games.”
    3.) "Those who follow North Carolina's program closely all seem to have the same opinion of Woods, a player who put program first and himself second. With one more year of eligibility remaining, he's looking to be impactful with more minutes as a contributor or potential starter and you can't blame him."

    You're entitled to feel otherwise, and I don't fault you for doing so, but my thoughts are based on what I've seen. (And I expressed them as MY thoughts previously). I've watched Seventh Woods play, in High School and at the Collegiate level. He's VERY talented, and has a veteran's mindset, which brings all the things that Frank Martin needs. He's a great defender and did you notice when healthy this year that he's had some pretty amazing games? He scored 14 points in 17 minutes vs. Gonzaga, for instance. He does ALL of the things a coach asks of a player, and I think he's a pretty darned good grab if we can get him for 2020-21.

    There is a world of difference between being a player that can be helpful and being "elite."

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