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Thread: Softball - 2019 SEC Tournament

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    Default Softball - 2019 SEC Tournament

    The #20 Gamecock softball team opens the SEC tournament in College Station against #9 Florida today with Dixie Raley on the mound.

    1. Gamecocks up 4-2 after giving up 2 unearned runs on 2 errors in B6. USC powered by HR's by Boesel, Clark and Drotar.
    2. Insurance run in T7 after a Boesel double and a Clark single. Now 5-2 good gals.
    3. After Raley goes 5 scoreless innings, Drotar getting hammered in the 6th and 7th. Gators have cut it to 5-3 and have runners on 2nd and 3rd with 1 out.
    4. Another error, another run. 5-4 USC as the game is slipping away....
    5. And Drotar gives up another double. Florida 6-5 wins.

    Well, that makes for a short thread....
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    Default Re: Softball - 2019 SEC Tournament

    It was really 3 errors in the 6th, I don't know how they rules the first one a hit

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    Default Re: Softball - 2019 SEC Tournament

    Damn it! Another one slips away in the final inning and a half

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