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Thread: 2020 - Jazston Turnetine (JUCO)

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    Default 2020 - Jazston Turnetine (JUCO)

    I thought we had a thread on him but a search didn't turn one up.
    We were the first to offer back in February and appear to be in the driver's seat. Got a CB to the good guys from Hale yesterday.

    Offensive Tackle from Stockbridge HS (GA) who is now at Hutchinson CC.
    6' 7" 340 lbs

    Other offers include Mizzou, TCU, West Virginia, and Houston.

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    Default Re: 2020 - Jazston Turnetine (JUCO)

    I haven't heard of many JUCO prospects for this year's cycle. He may be the first one that I recall. He's a big dude....

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    Default Re: 2020 - Jazston Turnetine (JUCO)

    Well this senior somehow slipped through our cracks for awhile for whatever the reason, but now we have his info. He would be a no-brainer FBS recruit, but his current GPA with the new NCAA minimum moving up to 2.3 will make it tough. He’s working hard in the classroom this semester he told me, and is taking the ACT and SAT during this two week period right now. The young 2018 lineman just throws bodies around out there, and his wing span is enormous, allowing him to get crazy leverage. We’ll keep everyone posted on his grades, but right now he seems more on track to play JUCO.
    Dude would be a tank on either end, has the size and arm length to be a standout

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