They had an episode on tonight featuring several restaurants in the Charleston/Mt. Pleasant area. They did a small segment over at "The Wreck" and I have had the pleasure to eat there before and it was very good.

They also went over to Bessinger's BBQ on Savannah Hwy and did a small segment there and then the guy who eats all the food went over to Big Billy's and tried out his "Big Burger/Huge Taco/Tater Tots/Large Milkshake" challenge and the food won this fight. It must have been close to 5lbs of food.

The guy also did his thing about showing off downtown and the Battery. Good advertisement for the Charleston Area. The guy who originally hosted this show (I think his name was Adam?) was one helluva eater. He won a lot more of the food challenges than his replacement does. The original guy had to stop his part in the show due to his weight gain and health issues he was having. Would not be a bad gig for a guy who could all that great food, travel the country and also run about 12 miles a day to get rid of all of the calories that you would gain each show.