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    Default BBQ RUBS & SAUCES

    To everyone out there that cooks/grills/smokes their own meats (pork butts, ribs, brisket-etc), do you prefer to make your own rubs and sauces are do you do like I do and purchase mine? The reason that I mainly purchase different types of BBQ Sauces is because my family and friends all prefer different types. As far as the rubs go, I buy some from time to time, but I also use my own spices to make it taste like I want it to versus someone's recipe from another state that might have too much of a spicy kick to it or maybe just a tad bit more bite to it as I would prefer as sometimes the rub can overpower the taste of the meat and the taste of the meat should be what you shoot for.

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    Default Re: BBQ RUBS & SAUCES

    It depends on what I'm doing. For chicken or pork chops, I might grab a premade rub from the store. I haven't really found one that is all that great, but none of them have been bad either.

    For Barbecue though, I make my own.

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    Default Re: BBQ RUBS & SAUCES

    Easier and cheaper to make my own rub, plus I can customize the ingredients as needed.

    At times for beef I simply use coarse salt and pepper. Other times I’ll make it like I do for pork or chicken.

    Salt, pepper, cumin, chili powder, dry mustard, garlic powder, cayenne, red pepper flakes, oregano. I’ll substitute thyme for oregano if I’m doing chicken.

    Sauce, I’ll use a couple. Usually buy commercial mustard base sauce, if I want a dark sauce it’ll be a variety of Sweet Baby Rays. I’ve experimented with making vinegar sauces, and have made a couple of varities of white sauce for chicken.

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