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Thread: Hassani Gravett signs with Magic

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    Default Re: Hassani Gravett signs with Magic

    didn't see that comin...but that's great!
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    its an exhibit 10 contract like the one silva signed with miami. it doesnt guarantee the player anything at this point, but it gives the team short term rights over the player and it gives the player a shot at a 2 way contract and likely at least a spot on their gleague team. if he continues to develop gravett could one day have a role in the nba as a shooter off the bench. he showed the shooting touch and athleticism last year for that to potentially happen.

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    Default Re: Hassani Gravett signs with Magic

    Honestly shocking

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    Default Re: Hassani Gravett signs with Magic

    Once our guys get out from under the requirement to go to class after graduation, they have all the time in the world to work with a good NBA-level coach to improve their game.

    Sin is now characterized as a shooting G now and you never would have thought of him as such most of his time here.

    Hassani had his moments his last year here, but if you listened to Frank's comments he said he became more receptive to coaching his SR year.

    I still the NBA should try to schedule some Summer League games where some of these guys used to play. There doesn't seem to be much fan attendance where they are playing the games now.

    I would go a Summer League game if they played one here it at the CLA.

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