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Thread: Spurticus Fall Practice Reports 2007

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    Default Re: Cockytalk Scrimmage Report: 8/18/07

    Blake dropped back to pass and when he couldn't find anyone open, and then getting some heat by the Defense, Mitchell faked a pass that made Eric Norwood leave his feet to knock down the pass, and Blake ran down the field to the 3 yard line before being downed by Darian Stewart.

    The next play, Garcia hit Lecorn on a WR screen on the right side, and Chris Hampton read the play well and hit Lecorn about 4 yards behind the line, Lecorn kept the legs pumping and broke the tackle and went downfield for a gain of about 8 yards, Lecorn was hit about 3 more times on that run, but refused to go down, until he was forced out of bounds ! . .Nice effort on Deon's part there!

    The defense stiffend here however and after a sack for a loss of 5 yards by Kenrick Ellis coming up the middle,
    Thats a big boy to be sacking a QB...ouch

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    Default Re: Cockytalk Scrimmage Report: 8/18/07

    excellant coverage, major props, thanks

    What could have been

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    Default Re: Cockytalk Scrimmage Report: 8/18/07

    Quote Originally Posted by atrain3067
    All the questions about the O-Line have to be considered with one caveat. Our D-Line is good, and I mean REAL good. We have to remember that whenever we read how bad the OL is doing. We are getting better in practice because we are going against a more talented and deeper DL than we have had in the past.

    The biggest concern with the OL is making sure we are executing the playcalls correctly. If our talented DL is just getting the best of them, that's an issue of talent and ability, and will hopefully get better with practice. However, if they are blowing assignments, and don't know what they're doing out there, that's when we'll really have to be concerned.

    With time, practice and coaching, we can improve technique and execution, but if they don't understand where to go and why, then we have a bigger problem on our hands, and will have to find out who can figure out what they're doing out there. Just keep in mind how much better our front seven is when we read these comments about our OL.
    lets not start about how good our d line is. lets wait till they play someone in the sec under pressure situations

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