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Thread: $26k Text Messaging Bill

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    i dont know how high my count is, but it's high. i just hate talking on the phone, gives me a headache. plus texting the girlfriend or some buddies during work/class really makes the day go by faster. i'd rather text people than have to hear more about German philosophy or put numbers into a database and decipher drawings by companies that dont understand numbers are easier to input than letters.

    basically, texting is nice because it's the best way to talk to someone, without talking to them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigdog2003 View Post
    I havent sent more than 100 text messages in my life, and I am a college student. My hands are pretty big, and when I try, I press like 5 buttons at a time. I also don't call anyone that isn't in my phone book where I can hit one button.

    My brother texts a lot. He is always on that damn phone. If I texted, I would have to have a keyboard. Hell, I don't even have my phone on half the time because I don't want to deal with people. Last fall, someone tried to call me on a Saturday, and I didn't have my phone on. That Monday, they were like, "why didn't you have your phone on?" I had to explain to them that it was football season, and that Saturday is a holiday during the season.
    that's a cheap ploy to try to get women if i've ever seen one
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    Quote Originally Posted by smoovecock View Post
    I agree with Cack.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cackô View Post
    that's a cheap ploy to try to get women if i've ever seen one
    You know what they say, a man with big hands needs big gloves.
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