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Old 08-12-2014, 09:49 AM   #1
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I am posting this message for a friend of mine that a lot of you may know
personally, or know of via his information on GamecockCentral and on the
local sports radio shows here in Columbia. Chris is a dedicated member of
Gamecock Sports and a highly reliable source of all things Gamecock Sports.
I posted this message as a favor to him, and to help him clear up some
matters that he has decided to approach in a very professional manner.

Originally Posted by Chris Clark
Hey everyone,

Chris Clark here from I hope everyone is doing well and ready for the 2014 football season.

This thread was passed on to me by someone and since my name was brought up in it, in not such a good light by a few might I add, I wanted to take some time to address it personally.

You may be wondering why. First of all, anyone that knows me personally or most people that have dealt with me know that Iím an open book. Iíve called subscribers to before on the telephone, exchanged more emails than I can count and spend a lot of time on customer service for our website. I talk to so many of our members via email and enjoy meeting them in person whenever possible. I donít have anything to hide and Iím always glad to address any concern that anyone has with me, GCC, or whatever it may be.

The very first point I want to make is that I think CockyTalk is a fine site and forum for Gamecock fans to interact in, but that said I honestly donít log on often. Thatís no slight whatsoever towards the siteís ownership or anyone that ever reads/posts on the website, just a fact. I donít have a ton of spare time to do that, anyways. I have seen some posts on here from time to time, and Iím going to address a couple of those now.

Recently myself and another competitor actually had an issue with someone lifting subscribers-only information from our websites and posting it on this forum. Itís not the first time itís happened. At least once (that Iím aware of), someone copied and pasted an entire summer workout report from GCC. Thanks to the moderation team at CockyTalk, it was deleted. Back to the most recent event Ė someone was taking information from our Gamecock Showcase thread Ė an event we were actually at and had spent days preparing for as itís a huge event for our coverage Ė and posting it on CockyTalk. We addressed the issue personally with the person, and all is well now. The person admitted it and apologized and itís fine.

I did say something on Twitter about it, because it is quite frustrating to have someone lift your information without credit or confirmation (or copy and paste it) for free. This is a fun job, absolutely, but itís also a business for us and we work extremely hard to do the job.

I saw someone on this thread guess that I was referring to a poster here by the name of elcid99. I assure you, that was not the case. I do recall we had a member on our site sometime back by that name. I have no problem with elcid99, and hope he does not have an issue with me. I actually sent him a personal email on Sunday night and hope that I can talk with him soon to personally clear it up. Jayceecock made a great point in this thread Ė there are other people besides writers like myself that can have information to pass on. Iíve never disputed that. We have posters on GCC that have information independent of what we report. I can assure you that I donít read posts by members on CockyTalk or GCC or anywhere else and take that info and post it as my own, as itís been insinuated here for some reason. Not only would I not do that because itís unprofessional, I donít need to do that as Iím out covering events, calling prospects, coaches, family members, and other sources that we utilize to do the job and work long hours to do it. I've spent years learning and building contacts close to the program and building relationships with prospects that I deal with (and doing this job is a constant learning process), so the notion that I need to go copy something from the Internet is offensive but more importantly completely untrue. I donít upset if I get beat on a story and go post something on Twitter about people lifting information and thatís not what happened here.

StormofTalons, given that weíre posting on the Internet here and not talking face to face Iím unsure of who you are. While your name for me did admittedly give me a laugh, Iím not sure what dealings weíve had in the past. I always try to be respectful and kind to people that I deal with on a personal or professional level, even those that don't reciprocate (which is fine). I would be glad to clear anything up and I apologize if weíve had some sort of bad experience in the past. I canít think of many bad experiences Iíve had with members. (Someone told me to walk off a pier via email the other day because we blacklisted him after cursing out people in numerous threads, so that counts). Iím going through my brain here and coming up empty. Anyways, letís talk it out. Shoot me an email at and Iíd love to talk about it. I surely donít want you thinking Iím a ďchodeĒ. CockyLifer, same Ė shoot me an email as well and let me know whatís going on and if there is anything I need to address with you personally.

Sorry for the length here, but I donít like my name dragged through the mud. More importantly, I didnít want elcid99 (or anywhere else here) to think I was referring to him on Twitter because I absolutely was not referring to him so I didn't want anyone to think I was dragging him through the mud. No issues here.

I got Spurticus to post this for me (I met him at practice on Sunday night through a mutual friend) because I tried to sign up for a handle here using my own name and wasnít able to post on the Proving Grounds. Apparently there is some sort of post threshold you must cross first to do so, so he kindly posted it for me.

I would like to hear responses or answer questions from anyone, but please keep in mind that Iím not going to be around here to post so please do shoot me an email. If you are not willing to do that, perhaps I can ask Spurticus to post again for me. I appreciate him being willing to post this for me.

Iíll be glad to talk with any of you (and hope that anyone/everyone will reach out to talk about any of these things) via email. Thanks so much to everyone!

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As a reminder as to's policy on info from other sites.

5) When posting articles from other websites, it's imperative that you do all of the following:

a) Do not copy/paste premium info from other Gamecock boards. Premium info is ANY article or post written by the staff of another board. Period. Info given by members who are not staff of that board is not premium. If you copy/paste premium info, it will be deleted. If you do it continuously, you will be deleted.

b) Directly quote the first few paragraphs of the article in your post using the vBcode quote tags and link the remainder in your post.

c) Include your opinion or comment along with the quote.

d) There are some sites that the CockyTalk administration has decided not to allow articles or links to. At this time these include:
d1-Any Article Written by Ron Morris
d2-Any Content from a Current Player/Recruit/Coaches personal Facebook, Twitter, Blog, or other personal website. This includes references such as “OMG did you see what Blake Mitchell just changed his status to”
d3-Any Article hosted by d4-Any c&p from or link to Gamecock Anthem (USC's Scout site) or TheBigSpur (ESPN)
d5-Articles from

To argue with a man who has renounced the use and authority of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.
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